Schaeffer-Ashmead Chapel

Schaeffer-Ashmead Chapel Bell Tower

Philadelphia, PA

The Schaeffer-Ashmead Chapel



The Schaeffer-Ashmead Chapel is located on the campus of the Lutheran Theological Seminary at 7301 Germantown Avenue in Philadelphia, PA. The chapel was constructed in 1902 in schist masonry and has a bell tower at the northwest corner of the building.


J&M Preservation Studio is providing professional engineering services for the structural investigation at the Schaeffer-Ashmead Chapel. The organization contacted our firm to inspect a leaning finial at the northwest corner of the masonry bell tower.

With the use of a crane, our inspection revealed mortar loss, cracking below the sills, rotted wood roof joist ends, and erosion of the schist masonry stones are all factors contributing to the structural displacement of the stone walls and finials. The parapet walls and finials are tuliped outward and J&M has recommended limited access to the entryway at the base of the bell tower until repairs can be made.

At this time, J&M is completing the analysis and will be providing a narrative report of our observations, recommendations, and a preliminary cost estimate for the repairs to stabilize the bell tower for many years to come.